(Starts at £400 | Serves approx. 20-25)

A more stylised presentation with different types of props like wooden boards, cake stands, marble stands, flower vase, cheese knifes, tongs, depending on the theme or aesthetic of the event.

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    (included in the price)
    Double cream french brie cake
    Spanish manchego
    Bleu stilton
    French goat cheese
    Salami milano
    Prosciutto di parma
    Spanish chorizo
    Olives, cornichons or caperberries
    Various nuts (pistachios, almonds & walnuts)
    Sausage rolls
    Fresh seasonal fruits
    Dried fruits (dried figs & apricots)
    Various types of chutneys
    Bread with pesto and hummus
    Edible flowers & garnishes
    Various crackers, cheese twists, breadsticks


    Tablescape – wooden boards, cake stands, tongs,
    cheese knives, baskets, trays etc.

    Set up is included in the price and takes between 90 to 120 mins.

  • Add-ons


    (Price confirmed during order)
    Crostini: Smoked salmon + cream cheese or
    brie + fig or Tomato + mozzarella
    Vietnamese rolls with sauce
    Fruits sandwiches
    Scotch eggs
    Burrata platter
    Variety of pastries
    Blueberry lemon almond loaf or banana loaf
    or pistachio rose semolina cake or brownies
    Chocolates dipped strawberries

    Compostable cutlery sets, plates & napkins
    Greenery foliage
    Flowers display

    We highly recommend adding flowers and foliage
    to style your event beautifully.

Please note: We require you to facilitate a table or kitchen top for us to set up the grazing display.
Contents may vary as per the availability and seasonality of products.
We charge
75p per mile both ways as a travel fee.
We will collect the props the following day of the event or within a week depending on what suits for both parties.

Please note that in case of props being returned damaged, you will be liable for a replacement charge.