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Luxe Sweet Tooth Platter

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Our Sweet tooth crave platter is just as its name suggests. It satisfies your cravings for all things sweet and delicious. This has to be a winning platter as it's a mix of our handpicked favourites that's been a proven hit again and again with our friends and family. So we'd love you to try it for yourselves!  

It's presented in a sturdy cardboard box with the contents sat on a disposable wooden board lined with greaseproof lining.  The box opens up at the fold so you can easily slide out the platter and serve it to your guests! 

  • Blueberry, almond & lemon cake
  • Brownies topped with mascarpone cream
  • Mix of macarons
  • Mini fruit tarts shortbread crust
  • Seasonal fruits and berries
  • Mini meringues

* Please note that the contents can vary as per the availability and seasonality of the products.

Luxe Sweet Tooth PlatterLuxe Sweet Tooth Platter