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Vegan Celebration Platter

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Our Vegan Celebration Platter shows that a vegan grazing is equally delicious and tempting if not more than a regular grazing platter. It is full of fresh ingredients that taste just as good as it looks. 

  • 3 types of cheese
    • Antipasti:
      • Olives
      • Cornichons
      • Caperberries
    • Various nuts
    • Falafels
    • Crudités
    • Hummus
    • Fresh Seasonal fruits
    • Dried fruits
    • Jar of chutney
    • Seasonal garnish
    • 2 packs of crackers

    * Please note that the contents can vary as per the availability and seasonality of the products.

    Vegan Celebration PlatterVegan Celebration Platter